to Learn English with Fun, in a Natural Way and Without Grammar Learning!

(Even if you think you are just a beginner, you’re too old or you’re not language talented.)

Do you think your English is not good?

Do you think you make a lot of mistakes?

Do you think you need help?

YOU are not alone!

Have you tried learning English over and over again with no or little results?

Have you ever felt embarrassed when talking English because your vocabulary was poor?

To be completely honest..

We have some BAD NEWS for you.. 

Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill for learning.

No miracles, no special tricks!

There's no method of listening to some audio for a few hours and you

suddenly speak fluently..

There's no method able to teach you English in one day..

There's no method of a 2-days-course after which you speak like a native..


The truth is you really can't learn a language in one night!


Sorry, you still need your time to learn.

But we have some GOOD NEWS too..



there is a way to learn  English without learning the grammar and memorising words.

Sounds cool, right?

But how is it possible?

Is it really possible to learn English without the grammar learning and words



Good news is, that IT IS.

It is really possible if you activate the part of your brain that learns through


When you learn through stories, you learn with emotions.

And you learn naturally with no or little effort.

Want some example?

Try to remember some film.
Get it?
And do you remember any scene?
Do you?
And can you describe it? Can you remember what people talked about?

How is it possible?

You didn't tell yourself, “I have to remember this!“ Or did you?

Of course you didn't.

You remember it because that scene was connected to the story and


Positive or negative.

And exactly thanks to these emotions you can remember things without

much effort.

Because what you experience with emotions, you remember better.

And it's the same when learning English.



5 SECRETS to learn English with fun,

in a natural way and without grammar learning

If you want to learn English easily and without much effort, it is necessary to start learning with emotions.


Here Are 5 SECRETS of Effective English Language Learning without the Grammar Learning

SECRET #1: You learn by story

People love stories. They leave you in emotions and emotions help you remember things without memorising.

SECRET #2: Increase your level step by step

Everyone knows only few words at the beginning. And that's why it's really good to learn through stories written in very simple English and increase your level step by step.

SECRET #3: Wait for the words

Don't try to memorise new words. Such activity only takes the energy from you. Instead, let the words find you. They will be repeated again and again. This is called natural increasing of the vocabulary by using the language.

SECRET #4: Repeating after a native speaker

There are people who know many words but when they want to speak, their accent is very heavy. Other people might have difficulty understanding them. If you want to have good pronunciation, use the shadowing technique. It is very simple. Take some audio recording in which you understand every word. Then repeat aloud what you hear. By simple copying the voice of a native speaker, your pronunciation will gradually improve. This is a very powerful technique. Three times 10 minutes a day of shadowing will help you train you mouth muscles for the right accent.

SECRET #5: Talk for yourself

If you want to learn English, you MUST speak. There is no other way to learn to speak. It is great to have somebody you can speak to, but if it is not possible, there is a simple technique which can help you with speaking. You can talk for yourself. Only 30 minutes a day and you will see the improvement.

Those are 5 secrets of effective learning of English without the grammar learning and words memorising.

You learn with help of story reading, repeating the pronunciation and thinking aloud.

If you are asking, "Ok, that sounds great, but how can I learn English this way?"

Good news is we can show you how.

We spent years to create a system to learn English effectively through stories.

8 Step Success System: English in Levels

We created a system which is especially made for the beginners and the pre-intermediate students. That system uses natural steps of learning English through stories.

Here are 8 steps of English in Levels:

  • 1
    Learning through stories
    If you want to remember more without the need of memorising, it is good to learn through stories. This learning brings emotions and activates that part of your brain which remembers better.
  • 2
    Connecting text with a picture
    Our brain works in pictures. And it's much easier to connect the word with a picture which you create when reading.
  • 3
    Natural grammar learning
    No boring grammar exercises, no trying to choose the right answers. The best way to learn grammar is by using it. As little children do.
  • 4
    The level fits the student's level
    We created 3 levels, from beginners to intermediate students. So you can enjoy the story learning from the very beginning. Don't worry that the text will be too difficult for you. Grammar and vocabulary really fit the student's level. Level 1 is much easier than Level 3. We prepared special materials that help you understand the story which you can enjoy and learn new words by reading it.
  • 5
    The difficulty goes up little by little
    You can learn new words in every chapter. When you read the book, every chapter has some new words which you can learn. We made sure there are not too many new words so that you can follow the story and absorb new words at the same time.
  • 6
    Word connections in the text
    Many beginners don’t know how to connect words correctly, what prepositions to use. This can happen when you learn from a list of words. However, when you read a story, you see new words in the context of the whole sentence. You see how the word is correctly used with other words. This way of learning is more effective.
  • 7
    Pronunciation and accent
    You can listen to every chapter. You can hear how to pronounce the words correctly. If you want to improve your pronunciation, you can repeat what you hear. This technique is called shadowing and it is one of the best techniques to learn correct pronunciation.
  • 8
    Repeated words
    Important words are repeated in the book. Then, it is easier for you to remember them. There is no need to try to memorise new words. When you read and listen to the book, you learn new words naturally.

Everything in 3 levels:

  • Level 1 is for students who know 100 - 1000 words
  • Level 2 is for students who know 1000 - 2000 words
  • Level 3 is for students who know 2000 - 3000 words

Do you like that system?

THAT SYSTEM helped students improve their English in the past.

We hope it will help you too.

Story Learning Guide: Robinson Crusoe in Levels

This is a famous story of Robinson Crusoe specially made for the English in Levels system.

The story is written in 3 levels so you can start reading and learning. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, pre-intermediate or intermediate student.

The whole story has 31 chapters so you can read 1 chapter every day, enjoy the story and learn new words. Only one month and your English skills can be much better.

We want you to learn with no or little effort and to enjoy the learning. That's why some key words are repeated. Exactly that's why your vocabulary and grammar skills can grow. Naturally and without memorising.

And all this in 3 levels.

Each of them is for different level.

From Level 1 /beginner/ to Level 3 /intermediate/

Story Learning Guide: Robinson Crusoe in Levels - AUDIO VERSION

What's the best way to learn to understand the spoken English?

Only when you listen to it as often as possible.

What's the best way to speak with the accent as a native speaker?

Well, only if you repeat and copy and echo back, you train your mouth muscles.

And this is the reason why you get ALL Robinson Crusoe books with an


To improve your accent and to improve your spoken English understanding.

You can really enjoy it and finally see the difference because you can make

your level higher every day!

What You Can Get Today:

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Level 1 ROBINSON CRUSOE audio version  ($15)
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Level 2 ROBINSON CRUSOE audio version ($15)
Level 3
ROBINSON CRUSOE written book ($19)
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All this for $102 together.

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But it is not all. Today we have something much better for you!

For the price of 31 dollars you can get the book not only in one level but in ALL THREE LEVELS.

  • 31 chapters of Robinson Crusoe LEVEL 1
  • 31 chapters of Robinson Crusoe LEVEL 2
  • 31 chapters of Robinson Crusoe LEVEL 3

93 chapters with audio divided into 3 LEVELS of ENGLISH

93 possibilities to take your English to a successful adventure!

PLUS: vocabulary after each chapter as a bonus for better results!


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What People Say About It:

I started learning English almost from zero. I knew only some basic words at the beginning. For many years, I have been thinking about learning English. However, I didn’t believe that it was possible to learn a new language without living abroad where everybody would speak that language.

I have found Robinson Crusoe on the Internet. The book was written in three levels of difficulty. I started with Level 1. I was listening to the book every day and I repeated every part many times. I made great progress in a short period of time. I was very happy that I understood the English text.

After some time, I moved up to Level 2. Soon after that, I was also able to use Level 3. This took me about three months and then I was able to listen to other stories which I found on the Internet.

This all could not happen without Robinson Crusoe. It is a great tool for learning English. It can help students learn necessary words without trying to memorise them. It is very simple.

Jitka Farhnerova

Hello newsinlevels.com team! THIS BOOK IS INCREDIBLE!! (ROBINSON CRUSOE)  

I am so amazed by the great contains of your website. I read the book of "ROBINSON CRUSOE". Level 3. It was the best book I've ever read so far. Thank you so much for publishing it on your website. The language is easy to be understood. Plus, I like adventurous stories. It was my book and surely I will read it over and over again.  

I'm unpationatly waiting your positive reply as soon as possible. :)

 Mohamed Sidi

Hi NIL Folks,

Our classes just finished reading Robinson Crusoe 2 & 3 and really enjoyed it. The students are asking if NIL could offer more books? Is this something that is already in progress and/or can you consider more books?  

Thank you

Jan Kelley RobertsESL Instructor & Vocational Trainer West Hills College Lemoore

Maybe you are asking, “Yes, but is it really for me?“

You can be sure it is NOT FOR YOU at all:

  • if you can speak English fluently
  • if you love studying grammar exercises
  • if you like school textbooks
  • if you enjoy memorising

 But it is DEFINITELY for you:

  • if you feel like “always-just-a-beginner
  • if you think you don't have the talent for languages
  • if you hate that “empty head feeling” always when you have to use English
  • if you want to feel more confident in English
  • if you want to see the results much faster
  • if you want to make your pronunciation better

And you are still asking:

⇒  What if it's too hard for me and I don't understand?

These books are made specifically for better understanding by repeating the words and connecting them with the pictures so your brain has the possibility to understand much better.


30 days 100% money back guarantee if you don't see any progress!

You'll get your money back if you don't feel your English got to a higher level.

Don't decide NOW, you have 30 full days to read and test everything as you wish without rush.

THEN decide whether or not you want to keep it.

No additional questions asked!

You have nothing to lose, just gain!

Click below and start your journey with Robinson Crusoe TODAY.

Results or Excuses?

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said:

“You can have results or excuses. Not both.”

If you are the one making excuses, well, unfortunately, we can't help you..
But good news is that you can choose.
You can choose the person you want to be.
Don't be someone who makes only excuses..
Be someone who is ready to make things happen!


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PS: If you couldn’t improve your English so far, it doesn't have to be your fault. Maybe you just haven't found the right way of learning English naturally and without studying the grammar rules and words. But today - the right way is here for you.
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